Get to Know Antione


Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Antione Anderson faced many challenges both as a young man trying to find direction and as a husband working to ensure a secure life for his family. Antione’s passion and determination to be successful and help others find success has helped him become the great motivator that he is today.

Antione’s unique ability to connect with an audience and speak to the hearts of those who are listening has gained him the reputation as a great teacher, encourager, and motivational speaker.

Working with individuals on a one-to-one basis, Antione has been successful helping people not only identify their dreams but also determine the best path to do so. 

Antione is no stranger to hard work. He started at an entry-level position and worked his was through an organization to become a top executive of a thriving company. Having had the privilege of seeing each level of the business, Antione was able to implement a system that produced a 300% growth in revenue, during his first year of holding his executive position.  After obtaining this knowledge and experience, Antione has since connected with other small businesses, helping with business development and business growth.   

Antione has spent nearly a decade working with individuals, developing and guiding them both personally and professionally, assisting them in understanding their purpose, identifying their strengths, and helping them understand how to apply these things to their daily life for success. 

Antione has trained with many successful entrepreneurs such as Nate Holzapfel (Mission Belt Company, appeared on ABC's Shark Tank) and the success team of Daymond John (Founder of FUBU; Current Shart on ABC's Shark Tank). 


Antione Traveled as a keynote speaker as he taught and motivated organizations and people to navigate change.  By helping refine organization's vision and goals, Antione has been able to assist with the overall cultural of many businesses, resulting in increased revenues, improved team morale, as well as successfully achieving specific goals.  

Antione has been the featured guest on multiple radio and podcast shows: “Real Men Connect”, (the number one Men’s Podcast on iTunes, hosted by Joe Martin); “Right to R.E.A.L. Love” hosted by Jay Mayo; “Coffee Talk with Tara Swan”; “Koinonia” Hosted by Tom Brown; “KTGDS Radio”; and “95.3 KCMO”.

Antione currently lives in Arizona, with his beautiful wife Amanda, a loving and caring daycare provider; his son Antione Jr.; and his daughter Aliyah, who are both discovering their passions in life.  Watching his children as they spend time with sports, dancing, and volunteering for different community events brings him great joy.